Delivering Performance

Consorsia is a spin-off organization of Stark LMC, a technology partner to YMCAs since 2004. Consulting with YMCAs, we provide  services for sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, and apps.

Solutions Based Culture

During our 13 years of work with YMCA organizations, we’ve built digital solutions for annual campaigns, membership acquisition and retention and program sales and marketing. Consoria’s solution based culture starts with our YMCA employees long term relationships. While working with them, we’ve been able to recognize structural changes needed to work with modern YMCA business practices.

Consoria works with YMCAs who use various operations software vendors. During our work, we’ve been able to see first hand the workarounds Y employees use to circumvent their current operations. As a part of the Consoria culture, we aspire to work towards reducing or eliminating any workarounds with our customizable software solutions.