Make Your Donor Relationship Count

Every year for the last five years, online donations have increased by double digits. DonorThrive brings fundraising and donor relationship management to a better place.

During our work with YMCA, we’ve found donor relationship building can be one of the toughest jobs at any Y. We’ve all seen the SEER Reports where only 5 to 10% of your members even know the YMCA is a non-profit organization. How can we make fundraising better?

DonorThrive is custom designed to make fundraising easier for YMCAs. Target key donors with messages, make it easy for them to donate online and track your campaign efficiency better than ever before.



Donor Relationship Manager

As you build the donor base of individuals and companies, DonorThrive allows you to act smarter. Use the DonorThrive Donor Scoring mechanism to create groups of donors. Depending on your development plans, you will be able to target key decision makers based on scoring with communications directly from DonorThrive.

Peer To Peer Campaigns

Create beautiful, branded fundraising pages in minutes and with just a few clicks with DonorThrive. Empower your volunteers with personal fundraising pages, user-generated media and simple ways to share via social media.

Website Donations

The user experience when donating online must be seamless. In today’s digital world, donors are ever vigilant when using their payment information online. DonorThrive’s customized website donation portal integrates with your website and your brand. Your donation page is customized to your needs and online giving industry best practices.


All your data in one place. Get powerful insights with customized reporting, quick filters, and segmentation. Integrating all your donor relationships into DonorThrive allows you to quickly find data on corporate donations (CRT), individual donor trends and more.


Robust API

Over the years, we’ve donated to many YMCA annual campaigns and been asked “what name do you want on your banner’s we hang up?” We always say no to any banners because we know that the cost of producing banners could be used to fulfill the Y mission.

DonorThrive’s secure API allows for a new reality with donor management. Similar to museums, YMCAs will have access to donor data and the ability to import that data into  digital “Donor Wall” displays set up at branches. Reduce annual campaign costs, display donors in real time on a Donor Wall display. Design Donor Walls based on your branding preferences, with the help of DonorThrive!

With our API, this is one example of innovation.

Safe & Secure

With full SSL security, we maintain tight security so you don’t have to worry.

Move your YMCA fundraising to an entirely new place. Every aspect of your online donor engagement will help you meet your goals.


DonorThrive is available as a standalone product or within Consoria Operations Suite.

Tell the Y Mission Through A Better Fundraising Platform