Manage Your Facility and Risk With Innovation

In a time when YMCAs face competition, the need for over-delivery on every part of the member experience is important. Before a prospect ever meets a Y employee, they’ll walk through your branch. How can YMCAs make sure they are operationally optimized?

Facility Management

A door broken? A loose stair tread? Locker room shower curtains need to be replaced?FacilityServe is an innovate solution for managing open work order for facility maintenance requests. YMCA employees can open, track, and view reports concerning maintenance requests.

Consolidating your facility maintenance tracking allows the YMCA association to accurately view key reporting metrics for budgeting and more. For example, FacilityServe will track how many times a branch HVAC system has been repaired in order to budget for future capital expenditures.

Quick Checks

FacilityServe Quick Checks allow YMCAs to track safety standards for aquatics and childcare area. Designed as mobile app, Quick Checks offers the YMCA a quality control solution for reviewing standard procedures, atmosphere, employee engagement, and general program safety.

Reporting options help YMCA drive future training initiatives and human resources decisions.

Incident Reports

Everyday, YMCAs have the need to write incident reports for any accidents that occur.FacilityServe Incident Reports use mobile app solutions to make digital incident reporting easy to manage. YMCA employees can log incident reports and track accident history through a robust reporting feature.


FacilityServe is available as a standalone product or within Consoria Operations Suite.