Give Your Members Everything They Want

With over 60% of website visitors using mobiles devices, the “we need to be mobile,” has moved onto “we need to do mobile right.” The Consoria Mobile solution gives your members the complete mobile experience they want from a YMCA.

Connecting members with services

Supplying group exercise schedules in a YMCA mobile app is only the beginning. Savvy members are looking for that “Amazon-like” experience from you. Consoria Mobile allows you to deliver a rich set of member services that’s key for retention.

Picking up where we left off

The team behind Consoria mobile is the same team that developed the original Active Life mobile app for YMCAs in 2012. Seeing the need for a better way,  a way that will meet the needs of any YMCA, the Consoria mobile app offers a different option. Consoria’s Mobile is fully customizable to each YMCA client. Each YMCA owns their mobile app and can select from a list of features, what they want in their app. Fully brand compliant, integrated with the brand of the rest of your marketing…the Consoria Mobile is your app.


How It Works

Each Y client gets their own fully YMCA branded base mobile app with schedules, notifications, barcodes. The YMCA can then choose special features such as wearable connectivity, workouts, class reservations, and more.

Schedules + Reserve

Any YMCA mobile app will have schedules. Your YMCA app can include schedules + reservations. Have you considered reservations for cycling, bootcamp, small group training? Members will be able to reserve their spot through your app.


Whatever operations software you currently have, Consoria Mobile can import. Display your programs in a searchable interface your members can easily understand.


Consoria’s Mobile App is $59/month and available to any YMCA, regardless of operations software.

Connect with members from anywhere

With 60% or more of your members accessing your information via mobile,
Consoria Mobile ensures you give them the tools to buy from you quickly and efficiently.