Email Marketing Designed for YMCAs

MemberThrive offers YMCAs a chance to use beautifully designed email templates that communicate your mission to members. Easy to use fresh templates and passionate service…we are here to help.

Each account is customized with templates specifically for your YMCA.

• eNewsletters
• Sports
• Afterschool
• Camp
• Giving
• Wellness
• And More!

Engage Your Members

Memberthrive is a complete email marketing tool designed for the YMCA market. Y specific features include YMCA theme templates, YMCA color palettes, and member automation tools.

Automate The Y

New member engagement, program marketing, termination email surveys and more.  Now you can fully automate these and more.

Automatically import member email addresses from:

• Daxko Operations
• eFinestri
• Personify
• And more

Full Feature List

Easy Editing

You know how it always takes forever to send emails to members? With MemberThrive templates, most of the work is done for you. Spend less time and make a better impact, it’s perfect. Drag & drop images from your desktop.

MemberThrive allows YMCA to personalize email newsletters beyond the normal personalization. Y’s have the ability to customize eNewsletters to the interests levels of members.  So your next monthly eNewsletter can have dozens of different personalized variations to better target members.  For example, members interested in aquatics would receive more aquatics info than other members in the same email campaign.

YMCA Templates

Dozens of YMCA templates designed based on your request.  New member engagement, eNewsletters, programs, camp, after school, giving and more.

When it’s time to create an email campaign,  Can’t find what you’re looking for? We can design it for you.

Note: The Memberthrive product is provided to YMCAs as an empty email marketing tool. If a YMCA would like customize templates, Memberthrive will work with the Y to design templates based on their needs

Site Tracking

Remember back in the day when people would say, “How do we find out who is on our website?” With MemberThrive Site Tracking, we can actually track member usage of your website, assign that data to their contact records and then build email campaigns based on their use.

For example, we can track all members who visited your Summer Camp pages and automatically send them a Summer Camp automation email series.

Engagement & Automations

Complete email automation…from start to finish.  Import your Ops software members, terminations, etc. into Memberthrive automatically and run completely automated email campaigns.

Automated emails streamline your member communications concerning new member engagement, surveys, program marketing.

Memberthrive’s powerful automation solution allows YMCAs to target members with focused communications and completely automated from ops software all the way to campaign reporting.

Text Messages

Need a quick way to reach out to members during inclement weather or outages? Memberthrive offers SMS Text Messages to your membership or staff.


All the reports you need and more! See campaign interactions and social activities in real time right on your dashboard. Instantly view mentions on Twitter, Facebook status updates and campaign interactions (such as subscribe, clicks and opens) as they occur.


Mobile App is available as a standalone product or within Consoria Operations Suite.